Christmas with Ruslana
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Christmas with Ruslana

VB Spaces
tuesday, 20:00
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Come to the exciting holiday show "Christmas with Ruslana" and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the best holiday of the year!

You will hear:

  • Christmas hits. Ruslana will perform her favorite Christmas songs, such as "Silent Night", "Good Evening", "Hail, World" (Handel), and others, in her unique style and arrangement. There are also original author's carols, such as "Let us be comforted" or "Miracle of Miracles".
  • Authentic carols. We are honored to present you unique authentic carols found high in the Carpathian Mountains. They will bring you real joy and festive mood!

Wild energy, famous Ruslana's hits

The second part of the show will consist of Ruslana's favorite hits and new songs. The exciting "Wild Dances", "I Know", "Oh, let's play a little music", "Arkan", "Dawn", "Lullaby", "Lyrnitsa" are just a part of the repertoire you will hear!

Do not miss the brightest holiday of the year and come to "Christmas with Ruslana" on December 12 in Alicante. Come with your family and friends and immerse yourself in a sea of festive music and unforgettable atmosphere! Book your tickets today and make your Christmas the best one yet!